Monday, August 31, 2015

Watch Out!

Letter from August 31

So last night, we were walking streets trying to find more people to teach. We were stopped in front of this families house talking to them. The mom's name is Passion. So that was nice. There was a whole bunch of people outside and they all lived there. It was loud and there was a lot going on. While Hermana Rutherford was talking, I heard one of the little boys yell, "Watch out!" Not even 1 second later, a huge Pitbull is jumping up on the fence barking. I was so surprised that it didn't get Hermana Rutherford's face. It was so close. 

After this happened, I was thinking about all the different things that we don't see until it happens. How were we supposed to know that standing too close to the fence could get us hurt? The dog wasn't seen until it was right up in her face. How many things are we standing too close too that we just don't even recognize could be dangerous? We need to always be listening for the feelings and thoughts that the Holy Ghost gives us. We need to be listening for the times when he tells us, "watch out!" But we also need to be listening for the constant guidance. If we are always thinking about how the spirit can guide us, hopefully we don't ever have to hear the promptings telling us to watch out. I know that Heavenly Father provides a way for us to do all the things he has asked us. 

I love you all! Hope you're doing so great. 
Hermana Sager

A little piece from our family letter.  I can just hear her personality shining through

So on Friday, my cute mother's birthday, I celebrated by going to a stake talent show. It was pretty great. There was a whole bunch of people there and a lot of the missionaries from the stake too... Which meant that there was most likely a bunch of investigators there. While we were waiting for an investigator to show up, we were just watching the show. I started crying because the MC said a joke that was sooo funny. Well I thought it was super funny. He's just standing up there massaging his temples and then says, "Hey Look! I'm doing my temple work!" It was so great. I just silently chuckled while thinking about it. Being a missionary is so awesome because everything is funny. 
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