Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Only one more week of training.

Letter from Sept 28

Hello everyone!

I have now moved into my last week of training! After this week, this transfer, I will no longer be a little trainee missionary! Time has gone by so quickly. It's insane. By next week, I will be into my 3rd transfer in California, but my 4th transfer altogether. I still think it's so insane that I could say that I lived (kinda) in Mexico for a month and a half. And now I've lived in cute little Hemet for 3 months. I hope I get to stay in Hemet 5ever, because I love it. #Hemet5ever

So, I had the opportunity to go to the Redlands temple this last Tuesday! It was really cool experience. I also got Cafe Rio, and that is always nice as well. But while at the temple, I was just marveling over the fact that there was Palm trees by the temple. So I am sending you a picture so you can all marvel too. I just marvel every day still that I'm a missionary. I still can't believe it, but I love it so much. I am so grateful to have this step in my life. 

I was reading in Mosiah 23 today, and verse 21 says that the Lord sees a need to chasten us, and that he does so by trying our patience and our faith. We need to not only remain faithful, but continually grow our faith. If we grow our levels of patience and faith while everything is going just fine, then it will be easier to stay faithful and patient through the hard times. But just know that in those two aspects, Heavenly Father is trying or testing you. And He chastens,tests, and tries all those that he loves (Hebrews 12:6). 

Have a great day!
Hermana Sager

A few words from our family letter 

On Saturday
 night, I had the opportunity of watching the General Women's meeting! It was so good. When I first saw the inside of the conference center on the screen, It made my heart warm. I was watching a broadcast from my home land. It was really cool. I never realized how lucky I am to live so close to downtown Salt Lake! Even though I've really only been in the conference center a few times, I am so grateful to have ever had that opportunity. So many people would love to be there, and to go to the Salt Lake Temple, and to see President Monson. I am so lucky and so so so grateful. Anyways. The conference was really good! I don't know if you all watched or heard about it, but President Uchtdorf's talk was really cool! It's so true how everyone can learn something different if you are focusing on feeling the spirit. How bout, the little video that played during the middle of it.. The one about Melanie! She was the stake camp director for like my first 1 or 2 years of girls camp! That was really cool seeing her story. She taught my how to memorize Proverbs 3:5-6 and Helaman 5:12. And then she was teaching those little kids a scripture too. It was really cool. 

So yesterday at church, Juan was confirmed! He is officially a member of the church. He's so cute. I love that family. 
Hermana Rutherford and Hermana Sager out side the Redlands Temple 
The Redlands Temple and palm trees

​Here's these terrifying Emu/Ostriches.
 I couldn't get any closer to the fence or I would've cried.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Mom, my angels are here."

Letter from Sept 21

Hi everyone! How are you? Oh okay, good. 

So, this week was a little slow, but still great. Every week as a missionary is great. 

Okay. We've been teaching this lady named Enriqueta. She lives in a rest home and is the sweetest little lady. She says it makes her sad knowing that Christ can't be with her in person, and only in Spirit. She's the sweetest. So we were on splits last night, so it was just me and one of the members from our ward. It was really fun. But we were teaching Enriqueta and she has a roommate that is always talking. She never makes sense, but she is always talking. One time she just kept repeating how she didn't have a heart. Last night, she kept saying that her angels were gone. But of course, since we're teaching, I can't really pay attention to what this little lady is saying. But last night, after she kept repeating that her angels were gone, she looked up at me and Hermana Giron (my member friend) and so I smiled at her, and she goes "Mom, my angels are here." I just kinda sat there and was like... Holy Cow. What does she see? What is she saying? I'm not quite sure what this lady saw, or what she was thinking, but I know that Heavenly Father does send angels to help in the spreading of the gospel. 

I hope you all have the most magnificent day, and the best week. 

Until next week, 
Hermana Sager

A few things from our family letter:

Today is a beautiful day. But tomorrow is an even more beautiful day because I get to go to the Redlands temple. I have been counting down the days for this temple trip for over a month. I cannot wait to go!! I'm so excited! I love the temple so much. Oh, also, when we go to the temple we get lunch. And I've heard that there is a Cafe Rio and a Chick fil a in Redlands. Soooo, temple trips are literally the best things in the world. I'm so excited!

So this week was a little rough. We tried to visit so many people, and no one was home or just wouldn't let us in. No one will even answer our phone calls... not even the members. But it's okay! We still tried to work our hardest every single day. I don't let these things discourage me though. I like being in control of my own thoughts. If I stay positive, then the desire to work hard stays too. And then I can stay happy and have fun. I think this process falls under the category of agency. Y'all probably know this, but agency is one of the gifts that Heavenly Father has given us that is truly ours. He gave it to us, and we get to choose what other gifts we want to work towards or accept. So you all have the ability to choose to be happy every single day. Don't let anything discourage you, because Heavenly Father wants you to be happy. Use the gift that he has given you to work hard and have fun. All day, every day!!

I also found out this week, that I might start tracting this winter! Because of el Nino, that big storm or something, there is going to be a lot of rain, and so no one is going to be outside. On days like that, I will be going door to door, knockin, and talkin to people who most likely won't want to talk to me. I'm so excited. It's gonna be quite an adventure! 

Oh. And I heard that the presidential candidates are Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Kanye West. If this is the truth, then that's slightly terrifying. So please let me know what's going on with this. hahahaha. 

Here's a cheesy picture for you all, because you're all number 1. 

We're matching like Ketchup and Mustard

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Help me think of clever titles!!

Letter from Sept 14

I am so sorry that I can never come up with clever titles. I promise that I am not trying to be boring. 

So remember hearing about Rogelio, and how he was baptized... His brother Juan was baptized last night! It was so perfect. Juan and Rogelio walked up to the church wearing white shirts and ties and I started tearing up. They're the cutest boys and I am so excited for them and their family. We are still working with their mom Zulma. She wants to be baptized but can't because of legal issues. But they're gonna be the cutest little family even more than they are now. 

So this week I was reading in Ether 6 about the Jaredites coming across the waters in their little boats. Heavenly Father made it possible for them to cross the waters for a year, without anything getting in the way. They continually prayed and gave thanks for all the blessings that had, and that they would receive. The wind was constant in pushing them to land. So I started thinking... What are the ways that Heavenly Father keeps the wind blowing for me? How have I dodged all sorts of trouble, even when the sea is raging? Our Heavenly Father loves us all so much. He blesses you all with tender mercies every single day. Isn't that the greatest? Isn't he the greatest? He loves you guys a lot. 

I hope you're doing well! Enjoy your lovely week in the middle of September.

Hermana Sager
Hermana Sager, Juan, Rogelio, Hermana Rutherford
at Juan's Baptism. 

Benefits of speaking Spanish.

Letter from Sept 7

So there are a few benefits of speaking Spanish:
1. When people try to get rid of me by saying they don't speak English, I can stick around and still bother them in their language. 
2. I can communicate with more people than I ever could before. 
3. I get a comical relief every time someone finds out that we can speak Spanish. 

I think the thing I like the most is people's reactions. Because if they want to get rid of me, they feel inclined to keep talking because I'm trying so hard to talk to them. I think the fact that I'm in California and I'm speaking Spanish, tells people how important the message is. We really do want to share the message of the restored gospel with everyone. 

So yesterday, when we went to contact a referral, a young man answered the door. He didn't really speak any English, so there was a little boy at the door to translate. But when we started speaking Spanish, and asked for the name we had been given, he was so amazed. After getting his father to come to the door, he just stood there smiling at us. Throughout the 5 minute doorstep conversation, I could see all the family just walking past the door a few times with smiles on their faces. It was so great. They probably thought it was the weirdest thing that two of the whitest people ever are speaking in Spanish pretty well... Well Hermana Rutherford is really good and I just kinda saw stuff that doesn't completely make sense. But I say it so confidently that they have to listen. 

Ah. I love it all so much. 
I hope you're all doing well. You're all my faves. 

Hermana Sager

She didn't send any pictures this week  so I decided to post a few from before her missin when she was getting ready to go.

Her support back home..Friends at her call opening!
7 of these amazing people are currently serving missions and  one has her call and waiting to go.