Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Help me think of clever titles!!

Letter from Sept 14

I am so sorry that I can never come up with clever titles. I promise that I am not trying to be boring. 

So remember hearing about Rogelio, and how he was baptized... His brother Juan was baptized last night! It was so perfect. Juan and Rogelio walked up to the church wearing white shirts and ties and I started tearing up. They're the cutest boys and I am so excited for them and their family. We are still working with their mom Zulma. She wants to be baptized but can't because of legal issues. But they're gonna be the cutest little family even more than they are now. 

So this week I was reading in Ether 6 about the Jaredites coming across the waters in their little boats. Heavenly Father made it possible for them to cross the waters for a year, without anything getting in the way. They continually prayed and gave thanks for all the blessings that had, and that they would receive. The wind was constant in pushing them to land. So I started thinking... What are the ways that Heavenly Father keeps the wind blowing for me? How have I dodged all sorts of trouble, even when the sea is raging? Our Heavenly Father loves us all so much. He blesses you all with tender mercies every single day. Isn't that the greatest? Isn't he the greatest? He loves you guys a lot. 

I hope you're doing well! Enjoy your lovely week in the middle of September.

Hermana Sager
Hermana Sager, Juan, Rogelio, Hermana Rutherford
at Juan's Baptism. 

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