Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Take me out to the ball Game!!

Letter From August 10

Good Monday every one. You're all so awesome. 

So this week was great. I went to a baseball game, got to spend a day 2 days with Hermana Babb, and did crossfit till I dropped. 

The baseball game was so much fun. The whole mission was there, so about 200 missionaries, and it was great. The crowd wasn't too great though... because the one section of missionaries were the only people to do the wave everytime it came around... But that's okay. Missionaries are just good at waving. 

Sorry. My brain is not working. 

So my companion, Hermana Rutherford, is a Sister Training Leader, so she had to go to Riverside for a meeting this week. I got to spend the day with Hermana Babb. We both are amazed that President Mullen trusted us enough to put us with our wonderful companions, knowing that we would have to be on our own even though we haven't finished training. I have so grateful for every single experience I have had here. 

Today I worked out enough to hold me over for the next couple months. President Mullen is big on fitness, and half the mission got together to do crossfit today. So that was fun. 

I still marvel at the fact that I'm in the middle of California, speaking Spanish. My spanish is better that some of the peoples english, and they've been living here for 20 years. So that's pretty cool to think about. But I know that there is no way that I have learned everything on my own. I am so grateful for the help and support that I have received from Heavenly Father. 

When you are grateful for the blessings that you receive every day, you will better be able to recognize the hand of the Lord working in your life. You're all so awesome. I hope you are all enjoying your summer. 

Hermana Sager

The California Riverside Mission at the Baseball Game on Stormin' Mormon Night.
 Can you find Hermana Sager in the crowd?  She is in white so she blends in with the Elders.

San Jacinto Zone

Hermana Kramer and Hermana Sager at the CCM in Mexico City.
Sid found this on her camera once she got to Cali she sent it to me.
Sid and Carley overlapped one week in the CCM. So proud of these girls for serving. 

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