Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Perris To Corona!

Letter from June 20

 My new companion will be Hermana Brown. I'm leaving little Perris California to head a little more east to a place called Corona! It's just right above Lake Elsinore, and so I'm still staying nice and close.

This week was great! Working with Hermana Rasmussen is so fun. I plan to take everything that I am doing right now, modify it a little to be able to work with Hermana Brown, and we will continue to have fun and have success! I love the days when I come home feeling exhausted. Even if we only had one lesson, I know that we worked hard and still searched for the people who are ready and sought to do the Lord's will. I am excited to work with Hermana Brown, and to get to know another area of this golden little part of California. I am excited to meet more of my brothers and sisters, to love them, study for them, and serve them. I have goals to be more of a help to the Bishop and the leaders of the ward. I have goals to teach more simply and love more openly. I have goals to be more humble and diligent. I have goals to keep my mind more focused on the work, so that my actions and words will follow. I have goals to become more of the missionary that Christ wants me to become.

OKAY. The weather today is insane. The high is 113 degrees. That's a little warmer than I prefer. Especially because it turns our water bottles in the car into hot chocolate. Every time we pick up our water and it's really warm we start singing the hot chocolate song from Polar Express. It's like a little pump up song.

Hope you all had a happy Fathers day! I love my dad, my grandpas, my uncles, and all the wonderful dads I know! Especially Heavenly Father. Everyday should be Fathers day for him.

Have the best day ever!
Hermana Sager

​Our district! They're taking out a companionship from this ward, so 4 of us are leaving! 

​My eye is a little funny. But HAPPY!
​Mis hermanas. Las quiero mucho! 

Companion Tans!
​One night this week, we didn't have dinner with a member. So we bought 7 donuts for 4 dollars and this was the result. We gave the rest to some Elders. 

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