Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Heat and Happiness!!

Letter from June 27


My first week in Corona was hot, humid at night times, miserable in the apartment for like 2 days without air conditioning, wonderful because I met so many people, and absolutely fantastic because we had a baptism!

Hna Brown is wonderful! She's a lot like Hna Babb, and so it's really fun being with her. She is showing me all around Corona and introducing me to wonderful people! Corona is beautiful. It's unlike any area I've served in before. It's actually green here. There's actually trees. There are no dirt roads. It's weird. I'm sure I will come to love it. The less dirt roads, the less sand box shoes I have to walk in.

Sergio Pena got baptized. He is the Dad of this little family. The 2 older sons were baptized a few months ago, and the dad decided that he was ready! The mom will be getting baptized hopefully within the next month. Sergio Jr baptized his dad after receiving the priesthood all on the same day. The younger son will  be getting baptized in November after he turns 8. They are so happy. They love coming to church, they love learning more about the Gospel, and they love when we bring them candy.

No matter where I am in the mission, or where we are in the world, the Lord always has work for us to do. I know that Heavenly Father is preparing people for me to meet, and that he is using me to prepare others to accept the gospel at a later time. I love the Gospel. I know that the Gospel we teach and learn about is the exact one that Christ taught while he was on the earth.

Have the best day ever!
Hermana Sager

My wonderful and sparkly companion Hna Brown. It was her birthday on Saturday. Happy Birthday! 

They're so cute and happy. 
​I'm almost as tan as Hna Madrid

Theyre so majestic!! (not sure what this is all about  Sid didnt Explain)

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