Sunday, June 12, 2016

Letter from June 7


We are back to 100 degree weather! Today it's a little cooler, with a high of 89. Back at home, when it was 89 I thought I was melting. Now it's nice.
Last Friday, my family sent me a package for hitting a year! The package sat outside the door all day long, so when I opened it up, the chocolate kisses were nice and squishy. They're in the fridge now, don't worry.

I am happy.
I love meeting new people.
I love sharing my testimony.
I love seeing people change.

The longer I'm here, the happier I am.

This week:
I saw a really big pig this week behind one of our investigators houses. I want to try and get a picture with it.
We found a squished cat on the road.
One of our members walked an hour and a half in the sun just to buy us tacos, and then walked back.
I tried tacos de cabeza, or tacos of head... head meat.. not sure, but not bad.
I read about Nephi and his faith.
I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
I love being a missionary.

I go to the temple today and I'm so excited. It's definitely a little tricky getting everything done all on the same day, but it is worth it! I studied, went shopping, I'm now emailing, and then I get to go to the temple!! YAY! While we were on our way to the library, we pulled out our little library schedule, and saw that the library didn't open until 12 today.... but luckily there is another library in our area! We had to drive a little farther to get to it, but I am here. I am talking to you. And then I'll go to the temple. I just don't have full email time today. I'll try to get everything off! Might just be shorter.

Have the best day ever!
Hermana Sager

1 YEAR!!!!!! 

A member sent this to me the day they went to the temple!
Thanks Luna!!

Jumping for joy!!

Hermana Sager, Hermana Rasmussen and Luna!! 
I found this on another parents post and copied it.
This was when the whole mission was together to hear Elder Christopherson speak.
Sid is right behind Hermana Rasmussen in the bright yellow sweater in front.

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