Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Letter from June 13


The weather wasn't as warm this week. There was one day, where we almost needed a sweater. It was 65 degrees. But we've been told, that the heat will be coming to stay this next week.

We were given a lot of leftovers this week. They were wonderful! We showed up for dinner one night, and the family just handed us a huge pot of pozole, a type of soup, and sent us on our way. It was a really big pot. And there is just two of us. So we went to the church, and ate some nice soup. Then we brought it back the next day for a missionary correlation meeting, and made the elders in our ward eat some, and then we pawned it off on them. The members love us so much, and we love them! I am grateful that they are more than willing to feed us and to give us what they have. Feed the missionaries! Love them, and get to know them! If you are a missionary, love the members! Be their friends, and help them. And eat all their food that they give you. (That's the tricky part some times.)

Throughout the transfer we have been collecting prizes. We have bought a few glass ducks and things from yardsales, and then we find a lot of things that have been abandoned on the side of the road. We found a beat up Justin Bieber barbie doll. So we put a sock on him so he could have some clothes and put him in the box of prizes. We have been collecting for awhile and forget to hand them out to people. Today we had the perfect opportunity to do so. We had a zone hike and bbq! It was so fun! We hiked up a little mountain, recited the standard of truth as we waved our flag, and then slithered back down the mountain and had hamburgers at one of the home share members house. After eating lunch, Hermana Rasmussen and I wrote numbers on little papers, let everyone choose a number, and then depending on their number, we gave them an assigned prize. It turned out wonderfully! Mom, you sent a motion censored noise making elephant. I made the mistake of pulling out the little thing last night so it would make noise. One of the Elders appreciated receiving this elephant because he knew it would drive his companion insane. hehe. Another Elder happily accepted a nasty air freshener that looked like it was growing things on it. And one of the sisters absolutely loves her porcelain duck. But it was fun! Being a missionary is wonderful, because everything is fun.

We taught the Chauteco family how to keep the Sabbath day holy. After teaching them about the Sabbath day, Zaid told us that it makes sense. He just had never heard of it before as a day that is completely dedicated to the Lord. I know that as we do all that we can to Remember Him, and to keep his commandments, especially on his holy day, that we will grow closer to the Savior, and receive more answers to the questions that we have. Zaid is slowly strengthening his testimony and preparing for baptism. He is more confident, and loves learning. When he comes to church, he is the one that greets and the members. He's wonderful! We have a family home evening with him at a member families house tonight. The gospel really does bless lives. I love it!

Have the best day ever!
Hermana Sager

Zone hike today!! No sasquatch seen in Sun City, CA.
(notice the sasquatch call around Sid's neck)

Hermana Rasmussen and Hermana Sager at the Redlands Temple

​We love Luna and the temple! Put them together, and you've got it all.

Their true beauty Shinning through!

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