Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Yo se que vive mi Senor!!

Letter from March 28

Hello! I hope you all had the greatest Easter, and that you ate peeps until you popped!

For my 8th transfer, I will be staying in Perris with Hermana Visick! We're so excited and hope to continue helping all the people we're working with, and continue learning from each other.

Easter here was great. I was telling Hermana Visick yesterday how great all the Holidays are when you are a missionary, but then I thought about it, and then realized that the holidays can be so great as long as you are just focusing more on the real reason for why we have those days. The Resurrection of our Savior is one of the greatest gifts that he and our Heavenly Father has given us. Because of his resurrection, we have the ability to return to the presence of Heavenly Father. I know that as we are remembering Christ in todos momentos, and striving to keep all of his commandments, we can make the best of all the days, holiday or not. We will also be doing the things we need to in order to stay with our Heavenly Father after returning to him. I know that Christ lives, yo se que vive mi Senor, and that he loves us!

So as a missionary, you get used to hearing the same excuses for all the different questions and commitments. When you ask people "Who do you know that needs the hope and light of Christ in their life?", no one knows their neighbors. When you ask "What day works best for us to visit with you and your family?", no one is ever home at any time. And when you ask "Will you follow the example of Christ and be baptized?" everyone has already been baptized. This week, we received a couple different responses for this last question. One investigator said, "Yes, I know that it is a commandment of God." Another said, "I am allergic to water" and the other, "Yes, but I don't want to drown!" I was so glad to hear some new answers for this question, and I know that as we continue to ask these questions with sincere desire to help these people, then we receive different answers.

I hope you enjoy your day. If you didn't celebrate Easter enough yesterday, or for the right reason, then it's Easter Monday in Canada.

Hermana Sager
I know that Christ Lives!! 

and Crackers know's it too!!! 

District Picture!

Mulitas,​These little inventions are spectacular.

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