Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sad and Happy

Letter from Aug 1

Sad today because 3 of my old companions go home tomorrow. Hna Gomez, Hna Rasmussen, and Hna Vorkink. They are all wonderful humans and I love them very much. I learned so much from each of them, and am excited to be their lifelong friends once we're all off the mission. I love them, and am grateful for their examples. 
I would send pictures home of each of them, but my computer won't allow that today. 

Happy today because I have another transfer with hna Brown! We have big goals for Corona, California and all the people here. We are excited to keep working together and the find those who the Lord has prepared for baptism. She's so fun and happy, and this next transfer will be even better than the last! 

This week was wonderful! Hna Pena was baptized and confirmed in the same week. We had a lesson with them this week two that was wonderful. We brought over the video, "Finding Faith in Christ." It's about 30 minutes long, and it's so good! As it goes through the different things that Christ did in his life, and how having faith in him helps us, the spirit was invited very strongly. Hna Pena was crying the entire time, and I only shed a few tears at the end. It is one of my favorite little movies to watch, because it reminds me of many wonderful things that our Savior did and does. He performed so many miracles and continues to do so for us! While watching the video, the 10 year old son made sure we knew that his mom was crying, that his brother was sleeping, and he made sure to tell Hna Brown when I started crying. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. I know he loves us, and wants us to be happy!

Remember that Christ loves you, and that I do too. 
Have the best day ever! 
Hermana Sager

Matching Again!!! 

​I found this shopping cart and brought it home. But then gave it to our Zone Leaders. 

​                                     Elder Whiting is being transfered, so the ward is being split up. 

Sid's Mom here,  On Tues Aug 2, I was able to go the SLC Airport
 Welcome home one of the Companions Sid was talking about, Hermana Rasmussen.
It was so fun to see her, meet her and hug her knowing she was with my daughter not long ago.
She told me that Sid said I better not cry to much when I met her.
 Too Late I started crying the minute I walked in the doors. 

This is a pic of Hermana Rasmussen coming down the escalator.
 Notice in the top left corner, 2 sisters missionaries peeking down.
 They are Hermana's Gomez and Vorkink, the other companions that  Sid mentioned were coming home.
 They all flew from Cali together and they both had connecting flights to other cities so couldnt come
down stairs or they'd have to go through secutiry again!! 

Hermana Sager and Hermana Gomez

The Trio Hermana's Sager, Vorkink and Rasmussen

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