Friday, August 19, 2016

Las llamas estan en llamas.

Letter from Aug  17 ( Emailed on  Wed this week because of Temple Trip)

Buenos dias mis amiguitos. Les quiero mucho y espero que esten bien.

This past week was very busy. We had a lot of lessons set and felt like we didn't have enough time to do everything we needed too. As we did our daily planning, we really tried to go by each step and plan specifically and effectively for our investigators, potentials, and members. As the days went by, we were diligent in visiting the people we had planned for, and tried to stick to the schedule time wise. We tried to use every minute with sabiduria and were able to see the blessings from being diligent. We were able to find people who the Lord has prepared and in many situations, we recognized that the Lord was guiding us like little puppets to be in the right place at the right time. I know that when we plan according to the needs of the investigators and the impressions of the spirit, we will be guided by the Lord and find those who he has prepared. Diligence and obedience go hand in hand, and really do bring great blessings!

There have been quite a few times this week where I just get so happy. I just start smiling and laughing for no reason at all. Everytime it happens Hna Brown slightly laughs at me. I'm just so happy. We had a few lessons this week that just went really well, and so as we were leaving, I was just trying not to scream and make loud noises too close to the front door I just walked out of. So I wait till we get to the car, and then I celebrate and make noises and almost cry because missionary work is just the greatest thing a person could possible do. I seriously love being a missionary. I love the gospel. I love helping others understand the mercy and love of our Savior and Heavenly Father.

We get to go to the temple today! So excited. I love the temple! I invite all of you to go to the temple this week. And if not this week, then the next week. One time, my Grandpa Sager taught me a fun song. We were at the temple, and he had us all put our hands on the outside of the building. He then had us sing "I love the see the temple" but replacing see, with touch. Even if you can't go into the temple, I invite you to go to one and just touch it! I know that the temple is the house of the Lord and that there is power in just being close to it. I know that God loves us and wants us to return to him and stay there forever, and for this, we have the temples.

Have the best day ever!
Hermana Sager

Sid said that their computer this week wasn't smart enough to upload pictures so I'm posting a few older ones I havent posted before. She promised good pics next week.

Sisters @ Zone Conference 

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