Friday, August 12, 2016

Manly Lady Bug

Letter from Aug 8

This week while walking in a neighborhood, it was toooo quiet. There wasn't very many people outside. As we were walking past a house, we heard possibly the first sound of the morning. It started off a little quieter and slowly got louder.. "mom. Mom. MOM! THERE'S A LIZARD IN MY ROOM!" I laughed then, but I would've been the one screaming if I had a little friend like that in my room. Then on that same street, there was a man helping an injured lizard cross the road. hehe. It was so cute.

All week long this week, we struggled a little more with number of people talked to every day. The areas that we walked just weren't super effective. We were talking with everyone, and really trying and it just didn't work. Until we got to Saturday! We talked to 34 new people, when normally a high is around 25. We are so very grateful. As we talk to more people, more people invite us to their homes. We then can teach and testify of the restored gospel with even more of our brothers and sisters, and invite them to come unto our Savior.

Theres a really great family that we're working with right now. They always pay attention when we are teaching, and they have the desire to learn. They had been driving about 45 minutes every week to go to a church in Perris, but stopped going about a year ago. They are looking for a church, and all week long told us that they would come to church. Yesterday at church, 15 minutes before starting we ran back out to the car to grab important papers from the baptisms the last couple months. As we took a step into the parking lot, there was a car running. We smiled and waved at the familiar faces in the car, and then took a double take and stopped walking, because it was our investigators and not just other members!! We were so excited. They payed attention to every testimony given, and really enjoyed the gospel principles lesson about service. They accepted a baptismal date and will continue coming to church, praying, and reading the Book of Mormon. They really want to learn. They really want to follow Christ. We really want to help them to do so, and will work our hardest to help them continue! I know Heavenly Father has prepared people to accept the gospel. They were married just 5 months ago after living together for 11 years. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is.

Yesterday during Sunday school, we talked about Service! To start off the lesson, the teacher asked us how someone had served us this week. When we step back we can notice many many ways of how people are serving all around us! I shared an experience that is dear to my heart. My companion didn't even think she was serving me, but I was grateful for her. Always am! But the other day, there was a weird lookin bug on my car window. We had just finished praying and I noticed it. We think it was a lady bug that was really really old because it was just covered in speckles. I didn't want it to fly on me, so Hna Brown got out of the car, and put the bug on a stig, and put it on the ground. She then opened my door for me and we were off. The smallest things that people do are things that can help us very much! I shared that example, and share it with you, to remind everyone that service doiesn't have to be anything huge. So get out there and serve! Go save people from bugs and open there doors. Smile at them! Say hello! I promise that as you search for little ways to serve others, that you will be happier.
Christ taught us to serve and to love. What will you do this week to follow his example?

Have the best day ever!
Hermana Sager

This Hermana taught us how to do make up, gave us lipstick, and made us put it on right then and there.

​bumpy hair day. 

​364 days ago I went to a baseball game as a new missionary with momma Raffer. 

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