Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Elder Christofferson visited Riverside!

Letter from May 23

Good afternoon!

Yesterday, we went to a baptism with one of our investigators. It was for a man named Francisco Garcia. He is a little older and uses a walker to get around. He was so happy to be baptized! His wife is already a member and they are now preparing to be sealed together for eternity! In the program for his baptism, he had a picture of himself printed. He has a huge smile and just looks perfectly happy. Under the picture, he thanked us all for coming to his baptism and sharing this happy moment with him. The gospel brings promised blessings of happiness.

There was a couple days this week where we felt like we were running around like little chickens with our heads cut off. But somehow, everything worked out! We had a lot of appointments fall through, and a lot of members not answer our calls or call and cancel after already saying they could come visit people with us. There was 2 or 3 nights, when we had 2 appointments at the same time, and we just couldn't find the members to help us. Every time this happened, one of our appointments would call and cancel. I mean, it's not super great that our investigators canceled on us, it's actually not great at all! But my heart would've hurt if we couldn't see everyone we had planned to and they were waiting for us to come, and we just couldn't because we were in another cita (cita:appointment, it's faster that way). The Lord is leading us and guiding us, and is doing so much work in this area right now. We will continue working, and calling everyone! Just one piece of advice for you: If the missionaries call you, answer. Even if you have to tell them no. Just answer their call. It will help them out. Answer everyones phone calls, and call everyone! Make someone happy and give them a call.

On Saturday, Elder Christofferson visited Riverside!We had the opportunity to go and hear him speak. Three other general authorities came, and I am so grateful I got to listen to all of them! Being in the same room with 4 of the Lord's faithful servants leading and guiding the world wide church of Jesus Christ was wonderful! And then listening to their teachings and testimonies gave me the opportunity to learn more about the will of the Lord and allowed my testimony to grow. I know that Christ lives and that he leads and guides his church today. He called 12 apostles when he was on the earth and gave them the power and authority to guide the people, and that power and authority is restored! He has called 12 apostles and a prophet to lead us, and teach us how to return to Him and our Heavenly Father. The church of Jesus Christ is on the earth once again, and will be for the day that he comes back.

Learn more about the gospel, have faith, and follow God's commands. You are promised happiness.

Have a wonderful day!
Hermana Sager

Hermana Sagerand Hermana Rasmussen are HAPPY!!!

The camera was falling!!

A beautiful day in Perris , CA

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