Thursday, May 19, 2016

"I'm not too old??"

Letter from May 16

I'm happy. So I hope you all have a smile on your face. Because if you're sad, then stop it. Be happy. Heavenly Father loves you. I love you. Have the best day ever!

We've kept ourselves very busy wizzy. We were constantly going, and we saw a lot of success. We asked multiple times why Heavenly Father loves us so much. But then we remembered, and it's simply just because we're His daughters. He loves you so much too. Share your testimony and help others feel of His love, and you will feel it even stronger in your own life!

This week, we contacted a referral for a woman named Kristina. She is so old and cute. We showed her the #aleluya video and she really liked it. We had talked about how she will grow her desire to follow Christ and to be baptized to follow his example and she continues learning from us. She says, "Ojala." Which also means, "I hope." Just a few minutes later, Hermana Rasmussen invited her to be baptized and her response, "I'm not too old??" NO! She said she would think about it. Her parents were members, some of her siblings and members, and her daughter. I know Heavenly Father led us straight to her, and that she could be joining her family, and be one step closer to being with them for eternity!

We are also working with another family, called the Cortez famliy. There are 6 of them, and they love having us over. We can normally tell when people love us, because they will give us food and things. They made a wet squishy corn bread for us, that actually tasted pretty good. The 17 year old son has been chosen as a team leader, and he gathers the family together at 7:00 every night to read the Book of Mormon. They are doing it! They are learning. The grandma is sick right now, so that is preventing them from coming to church, but they want to grow closer together and they want to know if this is what God wants for them.

As we have seen this team leader technique work with a family who aren't members of the church, I want to invite you to do it! Who's the team leader? Who is going to be responsible in gathering the family together every night to read from the Book of Mormon? Even if it's just 5 verses every night. I can promise you that you will be able to learn more about the Book of Mormon. Because if you don't understand something, you have other people to ask! Or it gives you a time to share your testimony with the family. Will you do it?

I recently started the Book of Mormon de nuevo, and this time around, I am focusing more on the principles and ordinances of the Gospel. As I've been doing so, I have been able to learn so many new things and see how the scriptures really relate to my life. Like I knew it before, but now It's like I'm learning so much more! The past couple days, I have been reading about Nephi and how he saw the vision that his father saw. It talks a lot about the scriptures, and it's just further proof of how the Bible and the Book of Mormon work together to testify of Christ. I love the scriptures. I know that God is trying to teach me and talk to me, and that he does so through the scriptures. As the families we are teaching keep the commitment of reading from the Book of Mormon, my heart and my testimony grow. Heavenly Father is too good to us. I love Him.

You're all great.
Hermana Sager

Bye Hermana Visick
Hello Hermana Rasmussen! 
Munchos Nachos. Como wow! Hehe

I love the osos (bears).

Hermana Rasmussen showing Crackers some love!! 

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