Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I Love to see the Temple!!

Letter from April 25

What a week! Meetings, more meetings, service project, and a lot of appointments. We were so blessed this week to be able to see so many different people every day and to have the help of the members to do so. There were a couple different nights where we had 2 appointments at the same time, so the members really helped us out, and we were able to see everyone!

On Saturday, we had a big service project in Menifee. I was with a smaller group, and so we went to a ladys house, her name is Anne. We helped her in her yard for a few hours and it was so fun! She was so grateful that we were willing to help her, and that we were trying to get as much done with our time as possible. As we were serving, she was able to trust in us. I would like to think that she felt the love of our Savior. I am grateful for every opportunity that we have to serve others, and hope to be able to find more. Serving is wonderful. Go out and look for ways to serve others! Love them, and they will be able to feel the love of our older Brother.

We had Stake Conference this week. We were able to go to the adult Saturday session, and Sunday. Every single talk, for both sessions, was given on the temples. Even though they all had the same topic, no talk was the same. Each persons testimony was so powerful and sincere. I love the temples. It is through the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ that we have sacred temples on the earth today. I know that the temples are important to each person differently, and they are important in the grand scheme of things for the same reason. As we receive the ordinances of the temple, and help others do so as well, we will find the comfort and answers that we need. There is no excuse to not go to the temple, and do the work of the Lord. Set a goal of how often you are going to go, and then do it! I promise you that you will have time for everything else, and that you will feel the love directly from our Heavenly Father. I love the temples. I know that they are the houses of the Lord on the earth today.

This week, we were able to make splits work out a few different times. It was awesome! The investigators were able to open up, and ask more questions. I was with another Hna from the ward, when we showed up to our investigators house. The 8 year old girl had read a few verses from the Book of Mormon, highlighted them, and had a question mark our to the side. She did not delay to ask me her question as soon as we walked in the door. This verse was one about prayer. I had taught her to pray the last lesson with their family. She is learning so well and has a desire to do so. Her mom is also doing the same. She has a whole bunch of different marks in her copy, and I love seeing that. Their testimony of the Book of Mormon is growing, and I know that the Holy Ghost is working in them. I pray that they will be able to recognize the promptings that they are receiving, and that step by step, they will be able to receive all the blessings of the restored Gospel. They just need to understand the importance of coming to church, and they will be well on their way.

A lot of our investigators are struggling with coming to church.

Why do you like to go to church? What are blessings that you have seen from keeping the Sabbath day holy?

I would really appreciate your answers and thoughts.

I hope you have the best day ever. Enjoy your last week of April!
Hermana Sager
​There used to be large pokey bushes where we are sitting.
Anne only wanted the strong Elders to do that job though.

Us and our two cute member friends, Viri and Loli... and their mom.

The beautiful Hermanas!!   How could you not let them in??

Multizone Conference

Havin a bit of fun!!!

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