Tuesday, February 23, 2016

80 degrees!!!!

letter from Feb 22


We have made it back up to 80 degrees here in sunny, southern California. Hopefully you can feel the warmth through this email. As the temperature raises, more people are outside. That means there are more people for us to talk to! It doesn't only bring the people outside though. Yesterday, we saw a few goats just hanging out in the back of a truck. They were truly living the life. They looked so happy, and made me happy. So as the sun comes out, I hope you can enjoy it like a happy little goat.

So this entire week we have had troubles getting into people houses. No one has been home, or they just don't have time when we come over, even if we already had a set appointment. We had a total of 9 investigators tell us that they no longer want to meet with us for various reasons. But that did not stop the work! We worked a lot of hours of finding, and didn't see the success, but knew that if we continued, then we would. In the past 2 days, we were able to find 3 new families to teach. I am so grateful for the blessings that are promised us as long as we do all that we can and are supposed to. The family that we had visited last night, invited us in, and had a lot of questions. After setting the time for the next appointment, they told us to come hungry on Thursday, because they would be feeding us. They're really cool! I'm excited to continue working with them and the other 2 families we found. They all so willing let us into their homes without knowing who we were. We made sure to introduce ourselves after walking into their living rooms. I know that as you continue diligently in obeying all the commandments that Heavenly Father gives us, then you will see the blessings of obedience. Maybe not right away, but you will see them. So continue obedient!

I went to the temple this week, and it was lovely. I love the temple! When was the last time you went? Want to go again? DO IT!
Hermana Sager and Hermana Visick @ the Redlands Temple

So the bishop of the ward I am serving in right now is a cool guy. He has been bishop for 3 years, and a member for 5! How cool!  He is very helpful and knows how to handle situations in the ward. It's cool to think that someone that we are working with right now, could end up being a bishop at one point in their life, and if it would be 2 years after their baptism, then that would be really pretty great. Heavenly Father definitely prepares his servants in different ways! How have you seen Heavenly Father preparing you?

Yesterday, we taught the class of the 16-17 year olds. We were sitting in Gospel principles and one of the girls runs in and asked us to teach them, because their teacher wasn't there. Pretty cool right? A class of teenagers found someone to teach them, when their teacher didn't show up. So, right on the spot after the opening prayer, we had chosen to talk about the attributes of Christ. Everyone listed off a different attribute, and there was still many more that weren't talked about. Through faith and daily repentance we can work on developing the characteristics of Christ and becoming like Him. I am so grateful for His example that he gives us every single day.

Here's a video to help us remember a few of His characteristics. It's one of my favorites. Enjoy this, and then share it with others!


Have the best day ever!
Hermana Sager

Loves her valenties!!!

Lunch break at the church after service. Peanut butter and apples have my heart.

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