Friday, February 12, 2016

7th Transfer!!!

Letter from Feb 8

How weird and crazy and cool?! I'm moving into my 7th transfer, my 3rd area, to be with my 6th companion. I will be leaving Lake Elsinore to drive about 20 minutes to the East to a city called Menifee! Menifee is right in between Hemet and Lake Elsinore. I'm so excited! I will be working with Hermana Visick. We were in the same district in the MTC, so we already know each other, and already know that it will be a great transfer!

So on Saturday, even though I was sick and was told to stay in and rest, we went to the baptism of Karimne. She is the 8 year old sister of Katia, who was baptized 2 weeks ago. She was so cute! They're family is one step closer to our Heavenly Father, and you can tell that they have recognized the blessings of the restored gospel. I am so grateful to be able to help people every day, to take the steps of repentance closer to our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. As I have helped others come closer to them, I have been able to stronger feel their presence in my own life. I know they are there for all of us in every moment.

In our mission, every transfer, we are asked to work on a specific attribute of Christ. Last transfer I studied about diligence, and this transfer I have chosen humility. I was able to learn so much about diligence, and am grateful for the challenge of becoming more like our Savior. Of course, I still have a long way to go. But I want to invite all of you do to the same! Think of one of the characteristics of Christ that you admire the most, or that you want to develop. If you study about that topic in the scriptures, and other resources, I can promise you that you will see improvement! As we do the things to repent daily, we will be able to become more like Jesus Christ, and are steps closer to being clean to live with Him and our Heavenly Father for eternity.

Shorter email, but my time is short today. Doesn't mean my love is any smaller.
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Have the best day ever!

Hermana Sager

Sid wasn't able to send pics this week.
This is an older pic with Hermana Babb(left) and Hermana Visick(right).
She was in the CCM  with both of them. She also served in Hemet with H.Babb
 and has just been transfered and will serve with H. Visick in Menifee. 

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