Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lake Elsinore. Week 1.

letter from Nov 23

Being transferred is a really weird feeling! It kind of felt like I was leaving home all over again and restarting a mission. But this time I knew a whole lot more about my purpose, about how to do missionary work, and a whole lot more Spanish. It has been cool to see how I work without my trainer, and how much I really did learn from her. The part that has been the most different is coming from an area where the work was moving along really well! We didn't have very many investigators, and none that were super solid when I first came in here. We found a few more this week that we are going to start working with and I'm super excited! I am determined to get the work up here to the speed that it was in Hemet. I know that no area is better than the other to find people. Maybe it might be a little harder to find people here, but that just means that we need to work harder. Hermana Gomez and I are going to be working hard to pick up and maintain investigators. I have been following the council of Preach My Gospel, and praying for the ability to see more opportunities to share the message of the restored gospel. Yesterday, as we were getting out of the car to go up to a door, there was a family across the street. Instead of just walking up to the door, we went and talked with the family and have a return appointment. It's awesome how we can see the Lord's hand in the work, as we just go to the basics of what we are asked to do. I'm grateful for this chance that I have to work in a new area and learn more about what I need to do.

How bout this area though? It's a lot prettier than my awkward little Hemet. There is a lake right in the middle of the city. There is a cute old town and they have lights around the trees. It's so cute! But the Lake is really cool. The other day, we were talking to these 2 boys leaving their house to walk to the lake. I didn't even realize until like a day later, that those boys were just leaving their house and walking to a lake. Like that's so cool! I wasn't able to get any pictures of it this week, but maybe soon you will be able to see it. Or if you even Google Lake Elsinore I'm sure you can find it that way too. The only tricky part is that there is small neighborhoods spread out all over the place. And a lot of the times, if we pull off a main street to go find a house, we pull onto a dirt road. And those dirt roads through trees and in the dark are pretty sketchy. But it's fine. I still love it.

So the past two weeks, every morning I have been reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon and the New Testament. It's so true that the Bible and Book of Mormon work together to testify of Christ! It's been really cool reading them at the same time. I'm so grateful for the scriptures and I love them so much. It was also helpful in a lesson yesterday! I was able to share something to answer someone's question from the Bible that is also testified about in the Book of Mormon. Heavenly Father really did think of everything. He's so great. I read from John chapter 6 this week, and I really liked it. It's a longer chapter, but I advise you all to read it!

So this week for Thanksgiving, I will be eating with a really cool family! The Esteves family. I've seen it spelled maybe 4 different ways, so I don't really now. They all sound the same though. But they will be having a whole bunch of family over at their house, and we have been invited to join them! I'm really excited. It will be super fun!  I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving this week! Time, is actually what I don't understand. Like how is it already Thanksgiving? Don't know. But I want to try and bring some candy corns to our dinner this Thursday and see if they will let me share a tradition! I'll let you know about that too.. If not, I will just do my 5 kernels of corn over and over until I finish the whole bag of candy. :)

So the scripture that I was ponderizing this week was 2 Nephi 32:5. It says, "For behold, again I say unto you that if ye will enter in by the way, and receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do." This says that after we are baptized and receive the Holy Ghost, we will have the guidance that we need to do all things that are in the will of God. This has been really important for me to remember this week. As I have been working in an area that I don't know, with people I don't know, and with slower work than the last area, it has been so important to me to just remember the promise of having the Holy Ghost with me. As I truly put all my trust in Heavenly Father and his Son, The Holy Ghost will help me say and do the things that are needed in order to get the work up in this area. I am so excited to continue meeting new people, and to find those that Heavenly Father has prepared for Hna Gomez and me.
I hope you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving!

I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the Gospel of Christ every day.

Hermana Sager

Sid didn't send any pictures this week so I' ll add a few from before she left.
Hermana Sager 
The last time I had my arms around this beautiful girl!!

Lake Elsinore--Looks a beautiful place to serve the Lord

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