Saturday, October 17, 2015

Never getting married!!!

Letter from Oct 12

So last week, I told my family about how we were trying to be like Elders because they always have so much fun. They always go get Polar Pops, or just over sized, under priced sodas. It's so awesome. I currently have a Polar Pop at the desk right now. Except... This week when we had to move apartments, we decided that we no longer wanted to be Elders... or get married.

Holy Cow. The apartment that we moved into was sooo gross. Elder's have lived there constantly for like 3 years. Every inch of the walls has been touched by greasy Elder hands, and the tubs. Ew. They were like stained black. We got permission from President's wife to stay in and clean for a whole day. It was the worst. So in that moment, we decided that we were never going to get married, because boys don't know how to clean AT ALL. I just imagined myself cleaning away for the whole rest of my earth life while my husband touched the walls constantly. Nope, can't do it. 

So other than that, the work is going so well! We found a good group of new investigators this week. Everyone is so cute and small. I get comments all the time about how I'm so tall, and how the little kids are scared of me because I'm so tall. Anyways. Cute little investigators. I love them all so much! And since we're working in 2 areas (so now all of Hemet) we have many opportunities to find people! So this transfer is going to be great. 

The Elders who moved out of the apartment brought us polar pops
 because we cleaned their gross apartment for a whole day.

​This is the apartment after it's been slightly cleaned. It's a pretty nice and big place!

How bout being in a trio is going soooooo great sooo far! I love it! Who else gets to say that they only two people that have been there companions, are now their companions together. Yup. It's pretty cool. We all get along really well and know how to have fun. We laugh about everything. Especially the stuff that goes wrong. It's better than just crying about it. I love being able to have a sense of humor about things. Because if we get sad about things to the point where we are down and grouchy, then the work slows down. Time moves way too fast for the work to slow down.
Hermana Trio

The scripture I chose to ponderize this week is John 5:30. it says, "I can of mine own self do nothing... because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me." As Christ talks about doing the will of the Father, we can follow his example. Heavenly Father provides a way for all things to get done that he has asked of us. I need to be obedient to his rules, mission rules, and the commandments, and I can get closer to fully submitting myself to the will of the Father. 

Continue to be obedient to the commandments, and you will see more blessings from Heavenly Father every day. He loves you and wants to bless you. The commandments are there to help us, not to restrict us. 


I love you all! 
Have the best day ever!

Hermana Sager

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