Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nuveacita Hermanita

Letter from Sept 19

Buenas tardes mis hermanos!

Ok, so first week for Hermana Hernandez Sanchez!!! She's so great. She is 4'11", from Nashville, but was born in Mexico, speaks spanish, is very kind, loves everyone and every thing, and has so much fire and desire for the work!!! She just wants to be out working all the time. She understands the importance of talking with everyone, to the point where it hurts her when we are in the car, driving on a busy road, and there are people outside walking. I feel that if she were driving, she would pull over and try and talk to each person she saw at all times. She has no fear of starting a conversation or teaching boldly during a lesson. She is learning so quickly, and has full intentions and desires to be completely obedient. She teaches with sincerity and love with a firm testimony of Christ and His Church. She's already on fire, and I'm so excited to see how much further she goes within the next 11 weeks and for the rest of her mission.

More stories will be shared next week, but for right now, just know that I am doing great. I love the work. I love the Lord. I know he leads me every day to do his work. I hope to continue learning every day of what He wants for me now, and later. I talk to everyone, because I know that are my brothers and sisters. I know God wants all of is children to return to him, even more than the parents of a missionary can't wait for theirs. I know that I am important in this work, and that helps me to feel Gods love, I know we're all important in the work. Get out there, and share your testimonies. If you look to me for help, I'm just going to smile big, and make you do it because you need to learn. (hehe, ask Hermana Hernandez Sanchez).

All week long, we had struggled to find investigators. We knew that if we continued working with faith, that God would lead us to the people who he has prepared. Saturday night, when we set our goals for Sunday, we set a goal of 7 new investigators. 7 new is a good goal for one week, and so it was a very challenging goal for one day. But, we had the faith and had the real intent of working to receive the blessings. After 2 different lessons Sunday night, we were able to find 8 new investigators. Two new families to teach. To new families to help them learn about the restored Gospel. We are so excited to continue working with them, and strive to be dililgent in daily contact, and getting the help from members to help in their conversion process.

I hope you have the best day ever. I pray for you every day, and love you every minute. All the new missionaries from Provo told me that it was already getting cold. Good luck with that.


My dumb little card reader won't let me send pictures. Sorry. Imagine me smiling.

Sids mom here!!!  since her card reader wasnt working I thought I'd post a couple of pics anyway.
Sid and her eyes!! Arent they the best)

This was the first surprise  picture I got from a memeber from Hemet. It was her first week in the field, with her trainor Hermana Rutherford.  Thought since Hermana Sager is now a trainor I'd  share her pic with you all!
If you see a missionary send a surprise pic to their parents, we all want to see that our chldren are doing well.

I sent this camel to Sid at her halfway mark!
She attached the sign.  I love that just over the camels hump you can see Jesus!!
She truly LOVES being a missionary. 

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