Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Sids Letter from June 9th.

I have now been in Mexico for 6 days. It's pretty great. The views are wonderful, but what I am doing is so much better. I get to either study preach my gospel, the scriptures, or spanish all day long. And eat. Meal times are nice little breaks. 

I have seen a few familiar faces here at the CCM (spanish for MTC) from BYU. This place is nothing like I pictured it. But I like it a lot. My companions name is Hermana Babb. I don't think that we could be any more alike. We have a lot of things in common, and get along really well. 

One thing that we got to do that I never would have imagined, is that every Sunday we get to watch a video that has been made by the church. This past Sunday we watched The Joseph Smith Restoration video. I have watched it many times before, but I have never really had certain things stand out to me. After Joseph Smith is tarred and feathered, he tells Emma that "there will always be opposition. Perhaps I am meant to swim in deep waters." How cool is that? Even through physical abuse and many other trials, Joseph was still strong enough to understand that plan that God had for him. I thought that was very cool. Similar to this meaning, later on in the movie, Emma asks Joseph, "Do you ever wonder if He (God) asks too much?" and Joseph answers, "I do not let myself." The faith that he had is incredible. 

If you are ever feeling down, or feel that things are too hard for you too handle, or are wondering why God keeps throwing things your way, just don't ask questions. I know that God would not challenge us with anything that we can't handle. It may seem like it is too much, but we are strengthened through our trials. 

Leaving home, and knowing that I won't be able to see my family and friends for a while is so hard. But I know that God will strengthen me and bless all of you while I am away. 

Even though I have only been away for 6 days, I would love to hear how everyone is doing. 

I hope you all have the best day ever. 
Hermana Sager
Hermana Babb and Hermana Sager

I'm adding a few more experiences from our family letter from Sid

I have already learned so much!! On Sunday, our Sacrament meeting was in Spanish and I understand nearly all of it!! Even when the Branch President and MTC presidency member bore their testimony. (mainly because they were speaking English) But it really is incredible how much I have learned! There is no physical way that I have done this by myself. I have been so blessed by the Lord and from the many prayers said for me! Even though I can't put my own sentences together yet, I can pronounce most things and understand a lot! I am looking forward to when I can actually put together a sentence and have it make sense. 

One tip: the Mexico MTC is called the CCM... I don't really know how that translates.. Its center something missionary... I think. But CCM is just a lot easier. So if I say CCM from now on, then you know what I am talking about!

Mexico is so awesome. The minute you step off the plane, you can feel that the air is different. An old school bus picked us up from the airport, and we drove maybe 30 to 40 minutes to the CCM. The streets are packed, people just kind of switch lanes whenever they want to, and the opposite ways of driving on the main road is divided by some sort of train tracks. There is graffiti covering all the walls and fences, and everything is so colorful. The view from the CCM is insane. We are surrounded by mountains (which makes it easier to be away from home) and the mountains are stacked with colorful houses. I feel like Cuzco from The Emperor's New Groove  (check my spelling on that) when he is talking about how the sun hits the mountains and the hill just sings or whatever.. When the sun hits those mountains, the buildings all light up and the mountain looks so green! Then at night the lights shining from the buildings is awesome. 

I hope you all enjoyed sids Letters this week

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