Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Letter from Oct 31

BOO! hehe.

I bet y'all look wonderful in your costumes. If my dad is wearing his BYU gear today and calling it his costume, then don't give him any candy.

On Tuesday, we had a great lesson with la familia Mosqueda. It's an older couple who we have been teaching for a few weeks. When we were following up on the commitments at the beginning of the lesson, and the hermana told us that she had read from the Book of Mormon, we were so excited! She not only read, but had marked things that she liked, and kept track of questions she had so she could ask us. She loved the Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith at the beginning, and was telling her husband all about how an angel visiting the prophet and told him God's plan. She knows that the Book of Mormon is important, and we know that as she continues reading, her desire to follow Christ will grow. We are praying that her desire will lead her to come to church with us, and to realize that she needs to be baptized by someone holding the proper authority. Through just a couple weeks, we have seen the spirit working in them, and they are becoming converted step by step. The spirit and the Book of Mormon change lives, and I'm so grateful for all the opportunities I have had to witness this change in people.

Our ward party this week went really well. There were a lot of tacos, really loud music, and a lot of nonmembers there! A good amount of the members actually dressed up and they all looked great. It was an awesome way to bring everyone together, and have some fun! The nonmembers that were there all really enjoyed it, and so hopefully we'll be seeing them for a Sunday service. I had real life tres leches cake, not the kind from Cafe Rio, and it was amazing. You can tell that the members love each other and are a family. That's how it should be! I'm excited to get to meet the new ward and see how the ward family is doing. Even if I won't be there for a long time, I'm gonna be best friends with all the ward grandmas. Being a missionary has taught me so much in being a better member of the Church of Jesus Christ. I'm excited to put into practice the things I've learned in my own wards.

Have the best day ever!
Hermana Sager

Ward Halloween Party!

Cuteset Hermana's Ever!!!

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