Monday, December 5, 2016

Corona, CA to SLC, UT

Letter from Dec 5

Here it is! The time that we all knew would come (that I didn't want to come, but my family has been wanting for a while) When I first left, it felt like it would be an eternity before I would see my family again. When I first left, I had a testimony of the restored Gospel, but had no idea how much stronger it would really get. When I first left, the only words I knew how to say in Spanish were: help me, bathroom, apple, hi, carrot, and dog. Now, it feels like I've only been away from home for at the most 8 months. Now, my testimony has grown stronger every single day, and I have come to know the importance of the gospel in my life. Now, I can not only speak spanish, but I can share with people the most important message on the earth in two languages.

I have loved every single second of being a missionary. I have learned so much about the Gospel, Jesus Christ, His church, His love, His atonement, myself, and a whole year and a half long list of other things. I am so grateful for everything. I am grateful that I had the initial desire to serve a mission. With that desire, it grew into action, and the action required a leap of faith. I've been leaping for the past 18 months, and my faith has been strengthened in incredible ways. I'm about to come home and continue leaping as I start up again with school and finding a job and paying for everything. But I know that if we have the faith and desire to obey God at all times, then He will bless us. I know that Heavenly Father loves me. I know He loves you. I know that we are all brothers and sisters and that we can feel of God's love when we search for it, and even when we don't. I know that the Gospel has brought me the most peace, comfort, and guidance, and I have no reason to not share it with everyone I come in contact with. I will continue in the Lords work to bring others unto Him. I'm excited to learn how to be a missionary at all times as I put into practice everything that I have learned. My heart is full. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I have come to know him through my service to him. I know that He is the only way that I am allowed to return back to my Heavenly Father. I am grateful for Him and all that He has done for me. I will continue to follow His example in all things.

Thank you for always supporting me and praying for me. I love you all and am excited to hear about your experiences in exchange for mine.

Love you.
Hermana Sager

​My Pena family (half of them). Love them. 

​Our last shakes together in Corona for this period of our lives. 

Merry Grinchmas!!

There was no explanation but im guessing she is crying from eating the pepper!!! 

​It was 56 degrees and I was almost crying because it was so cold. Wish me luck.
Currently in SLC 28 degrees ( she is going to die when she comes home)

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